My name is Patrick Chalmers and this is the public face of my efforts to contribute something to the development of real democracy at the local, national and global levels of our society.

I was born in Scotland in 1966 and am living in France having left a staff reporting job with the Reuters news agency in April 2005.

I am the author of Fraudcast News, available in paperback or as an eBook, an account of how bad journalism supports our bogus democracies.

You can also have it as a free PDF by clicking on this link.

I’ve published the book independently, meaning I can give away free PDFs if I want to, which I do. It also means I need all the promotional help I can get from friends, family and anyone else who wishes for more accountable journalism and politics in their lives.

Any assistance is welcome. You could just forward this page link to your friends, or copy and paste its contents into an email. You could review and rate the book online here, “follow” me on Twitter (@PatrickChalmers), “like” the book on Facebook or subscribe and follow this blog.

Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.

I have a YouTube channel which carries video reports that I have made in the last few years. They include an extended interview with the late Brian Haw.

8 responses to “About

  1. Michael

    I’m trying to help someone who would like to get in touch with you. If it’s alright, could you write me (at my email address) with your email address? I’ve looked around this site and couldn’t find any contact info.


  2. josh

    Hi Patrick,

    We met again the other night at Bank of Ideas. Just wanted to get in touch and give you my email. Also if you’re going to be doing any more video journalism workshops with VisionOntv, I’d love to be part of it.


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  6. Hi Patrick,
    We met at the Positive Money gathering some time ago. I have your book right here. I wanted to invite you to the press night of my new play – An Interview With Gaddafi – at Waterloo East Theatre on 5th June. I must confess, that the main character, journalist Bellamy Johan, is somewhat influenced by you and your journey from Mainstream to Blogstream so I thought you might be interested in seeing how you are influencing the world around you 🙂 I think you will enjoy it.

    Let me know if this is not a suitable day as we are there for four weeks. Look forward to catching up.

    All the best,

    Reggie Adams
    Future Social Theatre

    • Hi Reggie

      That was a fun day at Positive News, wasn’t it?

      Thank you for the compliment of reading my book, for having credited me with some inspiration, and also for the invite to the press night for An Interview With Gaddafi. Sadly, I will have to decline the latter as I will be in my usual abode of SW France at the time. I will be over in the UK in late July/early August – let’s go email to talk about all that – I’d love to hear how it all goes.

      Break a leg – or whatever the kosher wishing of success in theatre circles might be.

      Best wishes


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