Brand value of democracy

Russell Brand has kicked up a welcome fuss with his responses to Jeremy Paxman’s recent questions in an interview about democracy and voting. His was a sparkling performance that showed the limitations of Paxman’s political thinking and highlighted the failures of the UK governance system. I would say the same is true of Western representative democracy as a whole.

The ex-junky comedian has seriously got his shit together.

For those who missed it, here’s the video.

More important for his arguments, going forward, is the response of official media outlets, by which I mean easily the vast majority of them. They show exactly the same failures of thinking and imagination as El Paco himself.

Their number would include people such as the Guardian’s Anne Perkins, who condescended to comment on the subject in the absurdly titled post “Russell Brand: mad, bad and dangerous for democracy?”

No Anne, he’s certainly not as dangerous as your thinking is.

I’ve written a far-unfunnier book than Brand would do covering the same sorts of points in specific detail based on personal experience. Its value is in being an insider account of why our media fail us.

It’s called Fraudcast News – How Bad Journalism Supports Our Bogus Democracies.

You can download a free PDF from here or buy a copy from here.

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  1. I saw the interview and was very happy to hear Russel Brand express my feelings so perfectly. I read the interview in The Guardian and thought how Anne Perkins totally missed the point. I must admit to not knowing much about Byron who she refers to, but surely not much has changed in politics because people like Russel Brand and their ideals are always marginalized even by what some consider to be the alternative voice in the press. When we stop belittling men and women with vision who think outside all of the boxes is when we might see some real change and fifty years from now it may not be necessary to compare the next forward thinker to Russel Brand because our world will be run by people who actually do care about issues and forward thinkers will be the norm in our body politic!

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